Twenty-two songs from the life of a master, this disc brings together some of the defining tracks from the careers of both Sinatra and Valentine. This retrospective collection features all new recordings and mature vocal reinterpretations based on the classic Sinatra arrangements. If you've ever been to one of Jack's performances, now is your chance to extend your evening with you and the night and Mr Valentine. His place, or yours?

£15, available at Jack Valentine gigs, or click to buy online here
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Fans will also love Jack's Christmas release...
'Tis the season to be jolly, music is the gift that keeps on giving, so welcome to Jack Valentine's 'Christmas in New York', a CD of all the best well known Christmas songs sung with a swing!

Hear the title track now:
The fans and critics are already loving it:
"This is not just another Christmas CD. I really felt I was in New York in 1960, and for the first time I actually heard the lyrics to all those familiar songs."

"Jack, I'm usually a bit of a Grinch, but listening to this CD I felt the good old spirit of Christmas again, and seized the moment to gift-wrap my wife's present three weeks in advance! This is the Christmas record the world needs."

"Jack's familiarity with the material and his vocal maturity, added to his alterations and personalisation of lyrics here and there, is appreciated, significant, accomplished, and at times hilarious (Santa Baby for example). He has a way of putting a song across that draws the listener through the gamut of emotions, from the sexy undertones in 'Let It Snow' to the heartbreaking poignancy of 'I'll Be Home For Christmas'."

"Jack, I love your decision to do 'White Christmas' in a fast upbeat, cheerful style. And who's the broad you duet with?"

Priced £10, available at Jack Valentine gigs, or click to buy online here
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Or £20 plus P&P for Both CD's

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